Apply for a managed home energy upgrade

Our loan can finance the project while REIL will handle the grant application and the retrofit works.


You manage your home energy upgrade

Apply for a low rate loan but manage the project and grant application yourself.

Loan Only
  • Expression of Interest

  • Your Details

  • If Applicable
  • This is located on your electricity bill.
  • Property Details

  • Must be older than 12 years
    Tick all applicable
  • Important information regarding Data Protection and Privacy Notice

    Important information relating to credit review, data protection and privacy is found in the data protection and privacy notice
  • Terms and Conditions

    • Limited time offer, all works must be completed by 30th September 2019
    • The property must have been built prior to 2006
    • A minimum of two qualifying works must be completed. A full list of qualifying works is available at
    • For all loans; lending criteria, underwriting and terms and conditions apply.
    • If your home has previously benefited from SEAI grants, a new grant is not available for the same works but you may qualify for different works.